Lightning strike spares Vancouver Island man


VICTORIA – A propane delivery driver on Vancouver Island may be the luckiest man in British Columbia, but he says he’s not a super hero — yet.

Twenty-four-year-old Sean Ramsay was filling propane tanks at a site in suburban Victoria on Tuesday when he was hit by lightning.

Ramsay says the bolt struck a tree several metres away and the charge travelled across the ground and through him.

He says the pain felt like “1,000 pounds of weight” was being applied to every part of his body.

Ramsay collapsed, but was able to reach his truck to shut off the propane.

He’s still limping, but doctors say he’ll be fine and Ramsay says he’s optimistic the jolt will generate some sort of super power within him.

“I figure I’ll be running super fast soon, like the Flash,” he says.

Local health officials say this is the first report of someone being struck by lightning on Vancouver Island in more than a decade. (CFAX)

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