Wado-Kai Karate School of Martial Arts – Class


    Welcome to our 2016/17 year! Sensei Ron and I are really looking forward to another exciting session of learning, training, growing, and success. We are planning on running classes Tuesday and Thursday with classes for children 5-8 from 6:00 till 7:00, youth 9-13 from 7:00 till 8:00, and 14+ to adult from 8:00 till 9:00.

    Saturday morning at 9:00am will be Shindo and advanced techniques for adults and advanced belts (blue or higher).

    Cost for the 10 months (approximately 60 classes) is $195 for children under 9, $235 for children under 15, and $275 for children and adults over 14.

    Students will also require a white gi and hand and foot pads which can be purchased from us at a pretty fair price.