Winter has arrived, are you and your car ready?


The Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding motorists that the message when it comes to winter driving is simple, “See snow, Go slow”. Road and weather conditions can change very quickly and at this time of the year, it is very important to remember that the simplest of safe driving strategies can make the difference when it comes to winter travel. Reducing your speed and driving according to the weather and road conditions are important as is increasing the distance between your vehicle and the one that you are following. Also, every occupant within your vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt and for you children, they must be safely secured within an age appropriate child safety seat. If your car is not ready for winter driving or you as a driver are not comfortable with what you are seeing out your window, please think twice before heading out and if necessary, wait until the weather and driving conditions improve. This suggestion will provide you an opportunity to make certain that you and your car are ready for the next blast of winter when it does arrive. Let’s work together to ensure our roads and those using them are safe at all times. [author ]Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Provincial Police[/author]  


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