Ontario NDP launches Safe Northern Roads petition


The Ontario NDP has launched a Safe Northern Roads Petition, calling on the government ensure that northern roads and infrastructure are safe for drivers. Following the failure of the Nipigon River Bridge which severed the Trans-Canada Highway, Ontarians are sending a message to the Liberal government that they want answers about when the bridge will be repaired and what the Liberals are doing to ensure that roads and bridges across northern Ontario are safe. “Ontarians deserve to know that the roads and bridges across our provinces are safe. That’s a fundamental that Ontarians should expect, but the Liberals can’t seem to get it right,” said Wayne Gates, Ontario NDP Transportation Critic. “Ongoing issues with private snow-plowing contracts and the failure of the Nipigon River Bridge during its first winter, leaves people wondering why the Liberals aren’t getting the fundamentals right.” The petition is available at www.ontariondp.ca/demand_safe_infrastructure_for_northern_ontario_families “Signing our petition will send a message to the Liberals that they need to provide answers and listen to the people who rely on safe roads,” continued Gates. “Whether it’s a families travelling, truckers and commercial drivers driving the Trans-Canada, or businesses who counting on deliveries, safe roads are a must.” [author ]Ontario NDP[/author]  


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