Wawa Volunteer Fire Department Called to Fire on Tremblay Flats


DSCF5807     The Wawa Volunteer Fire Department was called out just before 1 p.m. to respond to a fire on Tremblay Road. A building at the scrapyard could be seen with an amount of smoke coming from it. Wawa-news could see firefighters in the yard, and a pair of firefighters carrying out a smoking metal ash pan. A witness at the scene confirmed that the wood stove had flared up, causing a small fire. After attempting to extinguish the fire themselves, a call was made for the assistance of the Wawa Volunteer Fire Department. The firefighters did apply water via their pumper. Wawa-news did observe the use of the Thermal Imager to determine if there any hidden hot spots and extinguish them. The extent of damage to the building is unknown at this time, but is not expected to be significant.      


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