Mark Knopfler Supports Saving the Wilderness Discovery Resort

Legendary guitarist, Mark Knopfler, has shared his support on his website for an endangered disability resort in Northern Ontario, Canada.
About 45 minutes west of Thunder Bay, Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled has served the special needs of handicapped vacationers for more than 30 years. Located on public land, the Ontario government is considering selling the 6.8-acre parcel to a private entity for less than $900,000 CDN, around six cents per provincial citizen. Petitioners on have garnered nearly 30,000 signers in an attempt to have the Legislative Assembly vote to designate the land as permanently protected for use by the disability community so a new steward can continue the facility’s operation.
 The former Dire Straits frontman, Mark Knopfler is a four-time Grammy winner who has achieved worldwide acclaim as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and film score composer. He has a long history of supporting causes for human rights.
[author ]Kevin Johnson; Madison Lake, Minnesota, U.S.A.
On Facebook at Save Wilderness Discovery Resort For The Disabled


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