In Memory – Geraldine “Gerry” Ross


In Memory – Geraldine “Gerry” Ross January 20th, 2006 Mom, I miss our talks and Saturday morning coffee I miss you showing up out of the blue and the van decorated for Christmas Most of all I miss not being able to tell you about all the things that have happened It’s been 10 years, there are times I go to call and remember you’re not there Always in my thoughts and forever in my heart. Love you, ME xo     Sharon Briere 


  1. Loved reading this Sharon…. Xo made me feel sad, but made me smile too. I feel exactly the same way. I miss her so much… miss her smile and her laughter. (I can still hear her laugh sometimes) I miss how she always wanted to help family and try to make everything better….she only wanted peace and love. She was my hero. She was a very strong and loving person… stronger than we will ever know.
    We all lost such a beautiful person in this world. I wish we could turn back time!!!


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