Ontario NDP Economic Development Critic demands the Premier listen to Ontario businesses and stop the sale of Hydro One


The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) released the final installment of its Emerging Stronger series. This report shows that business confidence levels in Ontario are at a five-year low.  Ontario NDP Economic Development Critic, Taras Natyshak said that high electricity prices are to blame, and that as costs continue to skyrocket under the Liberals’ watch, the negative impact on businesses will worsen. Natyshak demanded that the Premier listen to the people of this province and stop the sell-off of Hydro One.   “Businesses have made it clear time and time again that rising electricity prices are dramatically hurting them. The fact that business confidence in the Ontario economy is at a five-year low is not surprising to anyone who has opened a hydro bill lately.  New Democrats are hearing from businesses across the province that high energy rates are stopping them from growing. They can’t afford to hire more people. They can’t afford to invest in their own future, or the future of this province. The Liberal government needs to stop the fire sale of Hydro One,” said Natyshak.   Other reports from the OCC show that nearly 40 per cent of businesses say that the cost of electricity is causing them to delay or cancel investments in Ontario. The OCC’s own data shows that 80 per cent of Ontarians are worried about how higher rates will impact their family budget and the economy’s well-being.   “The message to put the brakes on the sale of Hydro One is loud and clear. Families are saying it. Businesses are saying it. New Democrats continue to stand with the millions of Ontarians who want to stop the sell-off of Hydro One,” Natyshak said.   [author ]Ontario NDP Economic Development Critic, Taras Natyshak[/author]


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