OPP & OFSC Discontinue Stop Program, Snowmobile Safety Partnership to Continue


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) have announced that the Snowmobile Trail Officer Patrol (STOP) Program on OFSC Trails is being discontinued. The STOP Program was a partnership between the OPP and OFSC volunteers from the snowmobile community who were appointed as Special Constables / STOP Officers and who assisted the OPP with snowmobile patrol on OFSC Trails. As the program has undergone a number of changes since it began in 1995, the OPP needed to review and re-evaluate the program. Following a comprehensive review and in consultation with the OFSC, both agencies agreed that it was no longer feasible to continue the program. While the OPP and OFSC are saying goodbye to the 20 year-old program, the partner agencies will continue to work together to encourage safe snowmobiling on OFSC Trails. “The OPP greatly appreciates the contributions of the STOP Officers who have volunteered their time to assist the OPP with snowmobile patrol on OFSC trails over the years. The OPP remains committed to its snowmobile enforcement and education initiatives and we look forward to our continued partnership and collaboration with the OFSC on OFSC trails,” said OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes. “The OFSC sincerely wishes to thank all of the volunteers who have been so committed to the STOP program and is working closely with the OPP to ensure that trail safety and enforcement remain a priority,” said OFSC President, Remi Sauve. The OPP is committed to saving lives on Ontario’s highways, trails and waterways through the reduction of preventable injury and death. Initiatives are developed and delivered through the Provincial Traffic Safety Program. The OFSC is committed to proactive leadership in promoting safe, responsible riding, on and off Ontario snowmobile trails, by building safer snowmobiling knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through rider education, safety legislation development and enforcement.


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