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So it is cold and Family Weekend, and also Wawa carnival weekend, and with all the festivities Wawa will be like a BIG family.

…talking about family. They have changed too over the last years. On cold nights like we have now they used to pull out the family album and looked at the snapshots of years gone by and talked about Grandpa who fought in the big war and uncle Joe who died on Juno Beach in France.
But now we have all the snapshots on a stick or on a CD and we have hardly time to look at them. This is the reason the Legion was created to remember those of our families who died for King and Country and those who came home but needed help to get back into civilian life. And they did and most of them never mentioned what they had seen and done
while doing their duty.
Today we have many Government and military organizations to help those who need help. However, some of our younger veterans suffer in silence. But the Legion is always there for ALL of them like families help their own. The Legion is even collecting guitars to help those with mental problems from their service find peace of mind through music. As good Citizens the local Branches help other organizations in the towns to build alliances for the future.
Branch 429 President Larry Harvey with Ducks Unlimited Representative Wally East.
Branch 429 President Larry Harvey with Ducks Unlimited Representative Wally East.
At our membership meeting we had the representative of Ducks Unlimited, Wally East to officially present a cheque in the amount of $425.00 to our Branch, this being the proceeds of a painting auctioned off at that event. So a BIG Thank YOU. That is how things are done in the Wawa Family.
Also we will mention again that at the Branch we welcome anyone to make use of our facilities for small events like Birthday parties up to weddings and other festive family affairs. Now with WIFI  in the lounge and Hall we  invite the younger generation to bring your social media equipment as Phone, Tablet or laptops while having a break with a beverage.
We have no sports events to report but will have a complete rundown of the events of family Day weekend.
Little Pete lives on a farm and on Saturday morning he got up and  sat down at the kitchen table for breakfast.
His mother asked him if he had done his chores and he said  “Not yet!”
So she told him to do those before he would get breakfast.
So Pete went to the barn and while feeding the pigs he have one a swift kick.
Also while feeding the chickens he gave one a kick and made it fly up
Then when milking his cow he gave her a kick also.
The when he came back to the house and sat down at the table his mother said to him
“Pete i saw you kick the pig so No bacon for you for a week!”
“I saw you kick the chicken so NO eggs for a week”
“And for kicking the cow NO milk for a week!”
Then while he is eating his dry cereal his father comes in, KICKS the CAT to the side and sits down.
So Pete smiled at his mother and said “MOM will I tell him or do YOU!!”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.
[author ]Nick Veldt[/author]


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