Sunset – Michipicoten Bay


Sunset last night was a exercise in adjusting aperture and exposure time. Too much time, and everything was over exposed. Too much light and the same problem, way too bright and all the details were lost. Too little light and there was no detail only blackness in the cloud. Perfect balance and there it was a beam of sunlight as the sun passed through the cloud on it’s race to the horizon. image  

image image
image image

  The light changes every second during sunset. Looking at the horizon east and west of the sun showed incredible blue water, and orange skies. It almost looks like snow squalls towards Michipicoten First Nation. Forcing my camera to the limits of zoom, the sun created what looked like an inuksuk. image  

image image

  Then the race was in it’s last few seconds, a couple more frantic efforts to balance the light and the dark – and the sun slipped behind Michipicoten Island and below the horizon. image   Now the cold became bitter. It had been a beautiful day, with the sun’s warmth becoming stronger every day. But that cold, holding a metal camera body, was winning the battle. image   A few more pictures, the lavender of the snow, a pinky-orange ribbon at the horizon, almost silvery-blue water… Time to head home and a cup of hot chocolate. On my drive home, it looked like it was going to cloud over to the east. To my surprise, turning the corner at the old cemetery, was a full moon, veiled by clouds. I stopped and took three pictures, only one wasn’t blurry. That was my only glimpse, she remained shy, hiding behind the clouds. image


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