February Update on North Algoma Health Steering Committee


The North Algoma Health Needs Assessment (NAHNA) is now in the Implementation stage of the project and after 2 years of consultations and a Health Needs Assessment in five communities, several recommendations for improvements have been identified. The steering committee membership has now been confirmed and we have a year to implement improvements to our local health care.   This project has been in the works now since 2013 in various stages. The Seniors Solution Council was instrumental in bringing in the North East Rural Communities Framework for improved Health Care Coordination. This resulted in a Pilot Project for a Needs Assessment funded by the NE LHIN’s and supported by all the stakeholders in 5 communities. A project coordinator was hired to pull together a strategy that would give us a clear picture of where we were and where we want to be one year after completion of the Needs Assessment.   The North Algoma Health Steering Committee is made up of community stakeholders who have committed to oversee the successful implementation, within their own organisation, of recommendations put forward by the Health Needs Assessment.   Monthly meetings of the steering committee are open to the public and we encourage anyone who has questions regarding the recommendations put forward, contact a representative on the committee or attend in person. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at the LDHC in the downstairs boardroom. At these meetings reports from each stakeholder’s issues are received and progress is assessed using a common tool to identify viability and progression into implementation (or at this point, detriments to achieving success are identified.) For example, the Seniors Solution Council has taken on the problems of travel grants for distances just under the 100km cut-off. This is an issue that rural communities with no local hospital have to deal with regularly. The council would work with the municipality and lobby the appropriate agencies to find solutions.   There are several issues identified for Wawa and area which can be found in the results of the North Algoma Health Needs Assessment on the municipal website, the LDHC website and at the local library. Editor’s NoteThe Executive Summary and Summary are posted before for the convenience of Wawa-news readers.

Executive Summary


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