From the Branch – February 24


  I was looking forward to it and they did not disappoint me. The 21 students who participated in the Legion Public Speaking contest. Our Comrade Barb Leschishin did a wonderful job guiding these youngsters through their speeches. It always amazes everyone there about the inspiration and subjects (From My red truck to Frustration and more) and how our youngsters think today about the world they live in. All in all it was again a big success And I am always happy to be 1 of her many helpers. And a Thank you to our ladies Auxiliary who put out the snacks and beverages.

And now we are all of us  looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day and  another fun night at the Legion. Also our Ladies Auxiliary will have another Sports Spaghetti suppers on March 10 and I know everyone always enjoys the good food and friendly service from the gals.
Our lady darters had a good night last Wednesday and team 1 took 3 games, 2-5, 3-6, 4-6, 5-4 and team 6 took 6 games. High finish was Tammy with 66 and high ton was Jeannette L with 131.
and it was busy at cribbage last Saturday and 1th. were Donna and Shirley, 2nd John and Laverne, 3rd. Carol and Joan. Boobs were Carol and Jeanette and 24 hand Alma.
A man was visiting the countryside and went to do some shopping at the local general store.
And there was a sign next to the store entrance which read …BEWARE OF THE DOG>
So he entered the store and saw a really OLD grey dog laying asleep in front of the counter.
So he asked the owner about the sign. And Said ” This dog really does not look dangerous!”
So the store owner said ” I had to put up the sign because many customers trip over him!”
To all our Comrades sick at home,in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.
[author ]Nick Veldt[/author]


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