Disposable Lives – 4 Years Later


This story created a lot of disgust and uproar not only amongst dog lovers. Matter of fact, it made it to the Sault Star, a Timmins paper, Facebook and websites. At the time I wrote only about the outcome in my booklet under, “Injustice”, but I think it is worthwhile writing about this sad story and give credit to the many people who opened heart and home to these two lives that were almost lost due to a cruel brainless human.   It was spring 2012. We had that year a mild, short winter  with less snow than usual and by the beginning of April roads to camps were fairly passable.  One such sunny weekend morning I decided to go out with my dog and check my camp about any winter damage. I had not been out there since late November. On a whim or was it a gut feeling I passed my turnoff and drove to the Firesand Road just to see what slobs, (pardon me, litterers) had unloaded during the winter months. It is sad to see how ignorant and respectless for our environment so many people are.   The first thing I noticed was a lot of trash on the right side and ravens circling above — perhaps somebody tossed a moose carcass in the bushes. As I opened my truck door to let my four legged buddy out, I heard squealing! What kind of bird is that?, was my first thought. My dog’s ears went up and his attention kicked in as he dashed straight to a pile of garbage where the squealing came from.   He nuzzled something round, small and black and the sound stopped for a moment.  Puzzled I followed my dog and to my horror, I saw a black puppy in the snow.  He was trying to bury his tiny face deeper into the mess — looking for his mother?  I picked him up, wrapped him in a dog blanket and turned the heat up in the cab. I called to my buddy to praise him for his find but he kept pushing at something else in the garbage.   Another puppy, black with brown markings, half dead. The ravens almost had a feast. My mind went on overdrive, “Were there more? Where was the mother? Now what?”  Cuddled together in the warmth of my truck the two wet, shivering pups fell asleep from exhaustion.   I was was on the road and the two lives were safe, so far. I drove to my camp to see if everything was still standing and turned back immediately to find a solution, “what to do with these tiny orphans?”  I was not prepared to be a nurse since I have a dog and two cats already (all rejects). On my way back I met a camp neighbor. I stopped and showed him my “findlings”. He must have seen the question mark on my face and said “Are you sure they are not wolf pups? Why don’t you ask Pat and Rick, they would know what to do with them.”   And here is where another coincidence (I call it a miracle) happened. I rushed back to town with my sleeping babies and went to the address. A short knock and at the same moment the door opened with a surprised Pat saying, “oh, we were just leaving to go to camp for the weekend..” When she saw the frazzled expression on my face, she was willing to look at the pups.  She immediately changed her weekend plans, and took the two, blanket and all, into her house; shaking her head, “who would do that… disgusting!”   The chances of survival looked slim. They were too weak to take any nourishment, especially the quiet one with the tan markings, who was already to weak to whimper in the snow. He must have had brain damage because he kept rolling towards one side.  Out of the blankets Pat made a nursery in her kitchen so she could keep a constant eye on the two and carefully injected Pablum and milk into their little snouts.   It seemed they were not even weaned when this moron, whom ever it was tossed them out. For a few days the situation looked not good, even Pat was discouraged.  We exchanged updates every few days and knowing the pups were in the best of care, my anger and the need for justice for these two innocent lives kicked in (after all, my dad was a detective).   It is amazing how much information trickles through the grapevine. Of course the story was in the papers and on the Internet; citizen tips trickled in until it narrowed down to a name and address. Now we could involve the police. At the time we still had something like a humane society and charges were laid. The owner who had eight more pups was forced to hand them over in care of the humane society. They were fostered and all found good homes.   The court case that followed was a farce, disappointing, laughable, waste of time! But back to my two lucky ones. Slowly there was hope that they would make it. They could now lap their puppy chow and where the black pup was almost spunky, the one with the tan markings still had difficulties standing up.   As I found out through the investigation, the pups were thrown out the night before, ripped away from the warmth and comfort of their siblings and nourishing mother. The damage on the black and tan one was more serious to his brain as the vet stated. “Who would do such a cruel thing?” I have no words strong enough to describe that monster, may he get his punishment eventually. Weeks passed and both healed, developed and grew into ‘teenagers’, in other words, ready for adoption.  

Jett & Loki snuggling
  One particular couple who followed the story online, was interested in adopting both, since they went through such trauma together. They named the black one “Jett”, and the black and tan one “Loki”. They live happy and free now in Echo Bay and have all the benefits of a loving, treasured family.  
Jett – as a puppy and full grown
Loki – as a puppy and full grown
  They get regular vet visits, each has their own cot for outside, and beds inside; and a large area where they can run. They are on their families Facebook page constantly. Despite their ordeal in the beginning they must be the luckiest ones from a litter of ten.
Jett & Loki in ‘beds with a view’.
  I feel privileged that I found these helpless critters just in time and I can’t stress the fact to spay and neuter “man’s best friend” to prevent tragedies like this in the future. [author ]Karin Grundt[/author]  


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