Is there a Senior's Retirement Home in Wawa's Future?


At the very well attended Senior’s Luncheon last month, Mayor Ron Rody indicated that one of things that our community is lacking is a shortage of housing, in particular for seniors. (Editor’s Note: You are invited to watch the video to hear Mayor Rody speak to this important issue.) This is an issue not only for Wawa but the surrounding communities. Wawa has completed an Age-Friendly Survey and with that information, Wawa will be able to plan and implement age-friendly features for our community.

Maury O’Neill spoke briefly about the Age-Friendly Survey, and introduced five other speakers that offer services to Wawa Seniors:

  • Rochelle Parsons of the North East Community Care Access Centre,
  • Darlene Trovarello of Red Cross – Wawa,
  • Mary-Anne Pearson of the North Algoma Health Steering Community,
  • Carol Chalykoff and Bob Avis of the Wawa Senior’s Goose Club, and
  • Christine Rask of Wawa Dance and Fitness.

The recurring thread from all the presenters was that seniors must remain informed, involved and interested in accessing the programs and features available to them. With a diminishing population, if programs are not used, they are at risk of being removed, “use it or lose it”.



The luncheon was a great success, with everyone enjoying the tasty lunch, and the use of the Wawa Transit Bus was appreciated.


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