Hawk Ice Fishing Derby Today – 1:30 Standings



Austin Parent-Richard    14/16 lb walleye

Keely Rainville                   1/2 lb walleye

Desmond Stewart              1/4 lb walleye

Fynn Manttari                    3/4 lb walleye

Abigal Desrochers         3 1/8 lb pike

Josh Rainville                 6 1/4 lb lake trout

Teyah Sullivan                 1 5/8 lb whitefish



Chantal Parent-Berthiaume       3/4 lb walleye

Stephen Therrien                      2 3/4 lb whitefish

Dale Goodfellow                        2 1/8 lb whitefish

Chantal Parent-Berthiaume    1 1/4 lb pike


EARLIER Mar 12, 2016 @ 11:08 – Today is the Hawk Ice Fishing Derby! It is a beautiful day, and everyone should be out enjoying the day.


The first fish caught was a 3/4 pound walleye by Chantal Berthiaume. Austin Parent Richard is in lead for youth (10:30 am).

The derby is from 8am to 3pm with registration closing at 11am. Fish must be weighed in by 4pm.


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