Safety Tips if you are travelling during March Break


If you are planning to travel during the March break here are a few very important reminders: • Keep your plans private. Do not talk about your trip on social networking sites. Your personal information can be viewed by many people including potential criminals. Don’t talk about your trip in public where unwelcome eavesdroppers may over hear. • Have a friend or neighbour look in on your house to ensure that there have not been any intruders. Have them pick up your mail and newspapers or stop delivery. Have them clear snow from your driveway or walkway so it appears that someone is home • Ensure your doors and windows are locked. Use dead bolts and holding bars on your sliding glass doors. If you have a home alarm system, ensure it is activated. Ensure there is a key holder available in such case the alarm goes off while you are away. • Do not leave a spare key where it may be located by a potential criminal. Ensure a spare key is well hidden where only a trusted friend or neighbour will know the location. • Ensure that your electronics and valuables cannot be seen from the windows. You may want to consider locking valuables and jewellery away in a safe, safety deposit box or secured at a trusted friend’s house. Adjust curtains and blinds accordingly. • Consider setting your lights on a timer instead of leaving them off or on the entire time that you are away. Also consider setting your TV or radio on timers to give your home the ‘lived in’ appearance. Don’t forget exterior lights or have a motion detector light system installed. Have a safe March break!  


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