SJD – Two Days of Fun


Staff and students at Sir James Dunn enjoyed two days of fun activities before the March Break. On March 4, Student Council, Ms. Portis and Miss Russell organized an afternoon of winter events for the entire school. Teams of JK – Gr. 7 students rotated to all the events, while Gr. 8 students ran the events. It was a beautiful day, and everyone had a great time!

Basketball - staff and students
Basketball – staff and students
During the afternoon of March 11, Mr. Naccarato and Ms. Portis organized a Staff vs Students basketball game. The boys and girls basketball teams took on the teachers. It was a close game, but the teachers came out on top (with a little creative reffing from Mrs. Jarvis). Both teams were cheered on by the entire student body, who seemed to enjoy the game as much as the participants. Mrs. Jarvis had promised a treat for everyone in the school if the teachers won, and she delivered a small bag of candy to each student in the school after the game. It was a great start to the March Break! SJD’s the place to be!


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