Northern Ontario Colleges Are No.1


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been released from Colleges Ontario and the six Northern Ontario colleges have some of the highest rankings in the province. “The results clearly indicate a Study North education is one of the best in Ontario,” said Katherine Villeneuve, Study North Initiative Lead Liaison.

The Study North Initiative (SNI) is a cooperative undertaking of Northern Ontario’s six community colleges; Confederation College, Sault College, Northern College, Collège Boréal, Cambrian College and Canadore College. SNI operates as an autonomous organization dedicated to increasing enrolment of Southern Ontario students at the six partner schools.

“The deadline for students to confirm their acceptance is only days away. It is important to remind students when they choose to move to Northern Ontario they are receiving a high quality, well rounded education,” said Villeneuve.

Students that attend a Northern Ontario college experience smaller class sizes, one-on-one learning in a diverse classroom setting, great outdoors, exciting night life, opportunities to make friends outside of the classroom and most importantly a highly ranked college education.

In the 2014-15 KPI survey, the colleges scored above the provincial average in each of the following categories:

Graduate Employment Rate – Provincial Average 83.6

Collège Boréal – 89.4
Canadore College – 83.6
Confederation College – 84.6
Northern College – 87.1

Graduate Satisfaction Rate – Provincial Average 80.3

Collège Boréal – 89.8
Cambrian College – 83.1
Confederation College – 86.9
Northern College – 84.3
Sault College – 86.4

Employer Satisfaction Rate – Provincial Average 91.4

Collège Boréal – 93.8
Cambrian College – 100
Canadore College – 93.8
Confederation College – 92.6
Sault College – 95.5

Student Satisfaction Rate – Provincial Average 76.8

Collège Boréal – 87.4
Canadore College – 78.6
Confederation College – 79.3
Sault College – 85.4

Graduation Rate – Provincial Average 66.7

Collège Boréal – 75.3
Canadore College 72.4
Northern College – 67.4

All six the Northern Ontario colleges fell in the top 17 for Graduate Satisfaction Rate, five of the six coming in the top eight, which proves that Northern Ontario should be a top choice for your college education according to Villeneuve.

“We have always known the quality of education provided at the six Northern Ontario Colleges and now we have the facts and figures to back us up,” said Villeneuve.

The deadline for confirmation offers of admission is May 1, 2016

For full KPI survey results visit the Colleges Ontario website.


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