From the Branch – May 4


So it is May again and that major Day in my life at 14 comes to mind again. We had Freedom!

And maybe it is getting old all this talk about freedom in this time of Movie, Internet, Facebook, new cars, vacations, etc…

But now think about No Freedom…

Get up one morning and there is a lot of noise and at 9 years old your parents tell you that there is war. So the family huddles in the hallway because if the windows blow you do not get hit by glass. After a few days of this they tell you the war is over. And when you go to the corner of the main street you see soldiers in tanks, trucks and marching past.

Then, after a few weeks you are told you cannot go to Cubs anymore because that is now illegal and don’t even wear your belt. So I had to turn in my uniform to the Akela — so no more cubs. Then there was a curfew and you had to be in all evening even if the weather was nice.

All of a sudden there are no more bananas, coffee and tea. But there were surrogates which tasted awful, and even in the city we had to wear wooden shoes as there were no more leather ones. Father had to turn in our radio and we got a speaker in the living room with only propaganda.

Mother had to queue up for groceries and at the bakery. there were no more cigars and cigarettes. The milkman only delivered watered down skim milk. And the nice lady from across the road wore a yellow star and was not allowed to go to the park anymore
and all of a sudden she was gone and mother told me she had to go to a ghetto. I did not know what that was all about. I was 9.

But then after 5 years a understood what it was all about and now I remember what Freedom is and are thankful to ALL the soldiers who gave us back Freedom. And even know that not all German soldiers were bad guys. My uncle Hans who had a carpentry shop and was born in Austria had to go with his family to Vienna and I heard later he died at the Russian front. And I remember the old Soldier (he looked like Schultz) who was the local constable, And me and my friends talked with him (he must have been bored).

But all this was now 71 years ago and we must go on and hope none of us have to go through another war; and that is why we have to support our troops who are serving now. And never forget to remember.

And now the results of last Saturdays cribbage 1st. Joan and Carol, 2nd. Peter and Irene, 3rd. Louis and Erin and boobs Jeanette and the other Carol. And the meat draw was won by Chris.

Johnnie hands his father a report card and boy did he get mad.
He yelled.. “I have never seen such a bad report in all my live!!”
“But Dad this report is not mine!” says Johnnie, “It is one of yours I found in a box in the attic!”

To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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