Search and Rescue Exercises at Searchmont Resort

search and rescue

Searchmont Resort wishes to notify residents of Searchmont and the surrounding area that the CASARA (Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association) along with the 424 Squadron will be performing rescue exercises May 9th through 13th 2016, at Searchmont Resort.  Along with the 424 Squadron and Sault Search and Rescue, other CASARA Units throughout Ontario will be involved in this training.  Assisting in the operation will be a CC130 Hercules aircraft, a CH146 Griffon helicopter and ground personnel.

Searchmont Resort is honoured to play host to Captain Claude Courcelles of the Canadian Armed Forces and CASARA Liaison Officer, as well as the many brave men and women of the attending squadrons and organizations.

Residents of Searchmont, Ontario and the surrounding area should not be alarmed by the increased activity in the area. We would like to stress that there is no emergency; this is simply a series of planned exercises.


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