From the Park – Fight Against Autism Cuts Continues


This week New Democrats continued our fight against Liberal cuts to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We spoke to hundreds of families who came to Queen’s Park to rally against cuts to autism therapy in Ontario. Parents and children fighting for therapy were joined by Ontario school boards, educators, the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, and labour organizations.


The Liberals are cutting thousands of children off the waitlist for autism services. Autism doesn’t end at 5, but under the Liberal plan, IBI therapy will. Parents, educators, school boards, workers, the Provincial Advocate, and autism experts all say the same thing: children with autism need and deserve access to these therapies. The Premier admitted she was wrong to nearly double drug costs for seniors. She admitted she was wrong to close provincial and demonstration schools. It’s time to admit cutting children off from these therapies is wrong, and ensure these children get the therapies they need.


Hundreds of parents have visited Queen’s Park to hold rallies and participate in press conferences to fight for the IBI autism therapy their children need. Last month, Kristen Ellison came to Queen’s Park and shared her story about what a loss of therapy will mean for her child. She said, “Realizing I may never hear, ‘Mom, I love you’ is enough to kill a mother inside.”


These parents are passionate about their children. But they are being blocked by Liberal MPPs on Twitter for simply requesting a meeting. IBI is essential therapy for children with autism. But the Liberals are trying to balance the books on the backs of these children. These children have been doubly penalized, having had to wait their entire lives on lists, only to be removed and never receive access. Ontarians deserve so much better.


New Democrats will continue fighting for autism therapy.


In other news following this week’s media reports of yet another OPP investigation into the Liberal Government’s dealings in the energy sector, New Democrats have called for a public inquiry into Liberal Government energy contracts.


From the Gas Plants scandal, to the selloff of Hydro One, to Greenfield fundraising, to today’s new allegations about more deleted documents, the Liberal scandals in our energy sector seem never ending. We believe it’s time for a Public Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Energy Industry in this Province. The government needs to be held accountable and Ontarians deserve answers.


How did we get to this point where it seems like every week there’s a new allegation about how this government has handled the energy file? We deserve to know who made these decisions, how they were made and exactly what the price tag was. We need to get to the bottom of this in a way that Ontarians can have confidence in, a process that’s independent, and will deliver answers.


This week’s revelations mark the fifth OPP investigation currently underway in to the Premier’s office and the Liberal Government. My colleagues and I will continue to press this government to do right by Ontarians and address issues that impact our day to lives.


As always, please feel free to contact my office about this issue, or any other provincial matters. You can reach my constituency office by email at [email protected] or by phone at 705-461-9710/1-800-831-1899.


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