Helping Fort McMurray Evacuees

Fort McMurray evacuees

The Fort McMurray forest fire is the largest natural disaster in Canada’s history. All residents of the community were evacuated, and at last reports 20% of the community has been destroyed.


The expressions of help financially and with supplies have been incredible. For example, the Canadian Red Cross says it has so far received $54 million in donations for Fort McMurray wildfire relief efforts. Canada Press notes that Atlantic provinces have donated $250,000 to Alberta wildfire relief. The stories of people, companies, children making efforts to help and support the evacuees are inspiring.


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Help is not only going to the afflicted area, but help is being set up for those who are headed out. Thunder Bay has a Facebook page for travellers looking for a pit stop as they go east. Heritage Stables in the Mission has offered to help an owner with a horse that is going to Nova Scotia.


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Ontario has committed up to 119 people to assist Alberta, 82 left on deployment the afternoon of May 6. Two firefighters from Wawa were part of that deployment. Richard Thibodeau and Brandon Vachon Case were featured on a CTV news report.


Locally, Veronique Humphries an Independent Consultant for Epicure was promoting Epicure’s “Purchase the MAC AND CHEESE SEASONING” on Monday, May 9th and 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross to help those affected by the Alberta wildfires. Veronique will be placing an order about 10 p.m. tonight (705-255-2295).


If you would like to help donations to the Red Cross is a good idea. Remember that all individual donations are being matched by the federal government Monitoring the many Facebook pages may also offer opportunities to assist.


For the most current information on this emergency, click here.


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