Northern Lights Round out a Beautiful Mother’s Day


It was the end to a perfect day. Although the weather was cool, the sun was out and the skies were blue. A day of cleaning, raking, weeding and finishing the planting of crocuses. Then going out with friends to celebrate Mother’s Day. My daughter texted from her new home, and my husband and I will celebrate together on his days out this week. Just before bed, I decided to take a peek at the sky, a little bit of green northern lights was just visible over the mine hill. Grabbing tripod, camera, and phone, I loaded up the beetle – down to the lake.

In Wawa, the Helen Mine Hill is where the northern lights hang out. So anywhere along the west or south edge of Wawa Lake will give a great view. At first they were just blotchy ribbons with a distinct arc from Government Road to the far end of Wawa Lake. Pretty to watch, difficult to photograph – 30 second exposures were need to capture them. But it was rather peaceful watching them, so I stayed put, taking picture after picture.

The skies just went on fire!
The skies just went on fire!

I texted a friend to let her know that they were out, but not spectacular. She said ‘stay put’, she explained that soon we would have a KP index of 6.33 Storm Level. So I waited. One look down, and rearranging the tripod, I glanced back up and that ribbon was no longer a smudge of green – it was a ribbon so bright that it lit up the lake. It was way too bright for a 30 second exposure. Panicking I tried to change the exposure time, fumbled, took the picture anyhow – and that is the one to the right. Amazing.

Unfortunately it didn’t last more than a couple of minutes, but the remainder of the show was great. Over the 2.5 hours I took 122 exposures, some good, some blurry, some great! Here are the best of the collection.




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