The Garbologists – Another Stretch Done


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day — and to honour Mother Earth we cleaned up another stretch of highway. What a hard job that was! We worked seven mornings to clean the 7.6 kilometres from the Goose to the Ford Dealership; the result? 41 bags of trash, 6 large leaf bags of plastics, pop cans and alcohol containers — too much for an area we want to promote and attract tourists!


On Friday afternoon after picking up stinky feces, pee bottles, and other disgusting messes, I reached my breaking point and had a ‘meltdown’. And miracle over miracle, an angel in the form of a gentleman who brought us lifesaving water and coffee, and Terry at Subway gave us a free sandwich. Never tasted a sandwich or a cup of coffee that good, as that day when my energy level was on zero! Many thanks it was very much appreciated.


To all my helpers on that stretch of Highway 17 who came out and gave their time: Cindy, Dorothy, Hugette, Ron R., Gib and Krista. My heartfelt thanks again.


We will take on Highway 101 this week. Stop littering and respect Mother Earth — it’s the only one we have.



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