Shut Up and Dance! – 2016 Dance Recital


If you have been to the community centre for a workout in the last few weeks and have left covered in glitter, you know it’s recital season.

This year’s recital is being held this coming weekend May 14th and 15th at Michipicoten High School and this huge show is sure to entertain everyone. From our tiny little creative dancers to our graduating students, dance will be celebrated in full force!

I feel blessed to have to opportunity to teach dance in our community. Wawa is so supportive! I moved here shortly after marrying James in October of 2002. I really thought that if I complained enough about having to live in Wawa my husband would eventually give in and look for work closer to my home town of Ottawa. I was convinced that no one would want to take dance classes. James and I went out for a walk one night after about 3 months of me moping around and begging him to move. I was complaining again about how I couldn’t do what I wanted to do here, how I really missed dance, the city, my friends, Starbucks… you get the picture. James had always told me that this little town would surprise me. That night he said no one was going to knock on my door and I had to go out and make things happen if I was going to be happy here. Best advice ever! Basically he told me to Shut Up and Dance!

The next day I called a lady by the name of Lori Johnson and set up a meeting with her to talk about possibly starting up a dance program. Betsabel had been teaching a few classes already but was taking time off to be with her new baby. I feared Lori would tell me what I was telling myself. That a dance program would not work here in Wawa. To the contrary, she welcomed my ideas and asked how soon I could start! We started off with 25 kids and have grown the program to 133 this year. Even with the economic down turn and loss of families, dance is still going strong in Wawa! We are now a staff of seven dance teachers sharing our love of dance.

As a dance teacher, I have watched many kids grow up within the walls of our studio at the MMCC. It’s no wonder teachers call their students their kids. Well, I actually call mine my babies. This year we say farewell to three of my babies who have graced the MHS stage for many years. Angélique Gauthier, Lillian Smedley and Vanessa Halloran. I have been blessed to be a part of their lives and watch them grow from little angels into beautiful, smart and ambitious young women. Even though they are going to embark on this new journey in their lives they will always remain our dance babies. The lessons I want them to take away from all their years in dance may not involve a jeté or a pirouette. The lessons I want them to remember from all of their years in dance are that things don’t come easy and take time; practice really does make perfect; if you fall get up as fast as you can and carry on and so many more.

Don’t miss out on the show or your chance to see our grads dance one last time. Tickets for Saturday’s show are sold out but there are plenty left for those who would like to join us on Sunday, May 15th at 1:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.


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