Support the Webcams at Montreal River

View of Montreal River Harbour Bay from one of two webcams.

Many a traveller headed to the Sault from Wawa or Sault to Wawa knows of the unadvertised webcams at Montreal River. They are of great of value to the traveller who knows only too well how different the weather and forecasts can be along the north shore of Lake Superior to reality. The small website also features a weather station with current information.

Last year both cameras were replaced with new HD cameras. It made a significant difference in quality, colour, and low light sensitivity.
Unfortunately, it costs in excess of $75 per month to maintain this site. Ongoing costs include cell data internet access, web hosting fees and electric for the weather server computer, cameras, routers, fan and heat for the cameras.

The operator of the site, Rick Currell is appealing for donations. “Due to the high cost of cellular data and site management, the cameras and web site are going to be shut down buy June 1st, if we can’t raise some donations. PLEASE go to the web site and make a donation. Thank you to all those who have supported this site in the past.”

Montreal River Webcams


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