Last Performance of ‘Shut up & Dance” is today – Event Streaming!


If you have been to the community centre for a workout in the last few weeks and have left covered in glitter, you know what is happening this weekend. Tickets for Saturday’s show were sold out but there are plenty left for those who would like to view the performance today Sunday, May 15th at 1:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

The talented dancers have been working extremely hard to put together this show and you are sure to be amazed! An additional treat will be the DMD Food & Flower Market. Featuring: Flower bouquets, single Roses, Homemade Popcorn, granola, banana muffins, toasted quinoa energy bites, yogurt parfaits and veggies n’ dip, 80’s themed cupcakes. Hand Dipped Strawberries, Heidi’s chocolate apples, 80’s themed cake pops and marshmallow pops, mixed candy bags and fresh fruit. There will also be juice, water, pop…and for coffee addicts, Tim’s Coffee!

MyWawa will be live streaming this event at 1:30 (with a pause at intermission)

Live streaming video by Ustream


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