This Rocky Life – Stop That Crap


Trust me, I thought about using another word in the title. This is such an important topic that I wanted to catch the attention of everyone I could. I wish that I could scream this issue to anyone, in the entire world, who may be struggling in their life.

So, here it is: Stop the crap that is going on in your head! You have the ability to change that message that you are playing, over and over again, which is causing you turmoil. This message is like a broken record, a tape recorder, a cassette tape, a Beta video, a VHS tape, a floppy disk, a DVD, a memory stick, an SD card, a post, a Snapchat, a Tweet, a Vine or a YouTube video.

Whatever your generation, and whatever method of capturing a message that you can relate to, there is an internal recording that is holding you back in your life. There is something that you are repeating, over and over again in your head that is creating negative feelings, worry, doubt, fear, concern or stress. Once you figure out what your recording is saying, you can start living more fully.

I remember hearing a speaker tell us to take the cassette tape out of our brains and rip it into pieces. I guess it worked because I can’t even remember the speaker’s name. The session, many years ago (thus, the cassette tape), was about how our limiting beliefs are holding us back.

A limiting belief can be defined as something that we think about that is inhibiting our potential or limiting the choices we make in life. I learned that our beliefs determine how well we navigate through life. Since our beliefs determine our feelings, thoughts, actions and behaviour, we can think about it like our roots.

If we have been exposed to experiences, relationships or messages that are demeaning, toxic, unhealthy, painful or traumatic, for any reason, we may form some root beliefs such as: ‘nobody loves me’, ‘there must be something wrong with me’, ‘why did they leave me’, ‘I am not worthy’, ‘what is wrong with me’, ‘why does this keep happening to me’, ‘why do they treat me this way’.

In general, we feel that we must not be good enough. When we feel that we are not good enough, we tolerate things that aren’t good for us, we have low self-esteem, we are sensitive to criticism and we allow others to derail us, because we are seeking constant validation.

This root, limiting belief can be associated with millions of individuals who are experiencing depression, anger issues, relationship issues, addictions or having difficulty achieving school or career success. It is time to stop this crap!

A young woman, who was raised without knowing her father, always felt that if she was lovable, he would come back for her. In her teens, she was constantly seeking the attention of boys who were not good for her, she started getting into trouble, was failing out of school, started drinking and doing drugs and then became suicidal, on more than one occasion.

The depression was eating her alive and it was rooted in the fact that she felt that she must not be good enough, worthy enough or lovable enough for her father to reach out to her. It turns out that he had died, many years before, after moving out of town and becoming disconnected from his family.

We tell ourselves stories that are destroying our future. We get caught up in lies that we create in our head, which are based on the worst case scenario because we have been burned in the past, because someone we loved has hurt us or because we are adding up all of the reasons why our lives are not working out as planned.

We can convince ourselves of anything. We can make a tiny issue, a huge problem. We can self-sabotage ourselves along the way toward any goal that we set and we can become paralyzed with fear about any path which we set out to conquer.

Our stories of being too tall, too short, too weak, too broke, too hurt, too young, too old or whatever, are just that – stories that we tell ourselves. People who have these same so-called obstacles accomplish their intentions every single day.

Decide today that you will figure out what limiting belief you are repeating, over and over again in your head, which is keeping you stuck. It is time to take out that recording device from your brain, put in in the middle of the highway, so that a big tractor trailer can run it over and smash it into pieces. (Well, maybe just do that part in your imagination.)

Whatever you might have on your list of things to do in your life, you deserve to get in the best possible frame of mind. What have you been telling yourself? Taking time to figure this out can set you in the right direction and allow you to yank the crap from the root. Then, you can change the recording.

‘Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.’ ~ Stephen Richards


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