Garbologist’s Report – Thank you

It is the middle of May and it is time to give up picking garbage. We have been at it for almost four weeks. A handful of concerned people gave up their time and energy to transform our natural beauty back into its clean stage. Needless to say, it was a hard task.
Our last few days were spent on Highway 101 from the Hawk turnoff back to Wawa Lake — in case we ran out of time, the mess along the lake with all it’s ditches, rocks and gullies would not be as visible — and so it was. Weeds sprouting, bugs are out and my body let me know, enough!  On that last stretch on 101 (which we considered not bad) we pulled 20 bags of trash and the same amount of recyclables out of the embankments.
What does it take to change the mindset of a litterers? Our outdoors are not your garbage dump. Think about it, a Timmies cup whether it is red, green or blue is not good advertising along a clean stretch of road, nor is an empty pack of cigarettes or beer can, nor a water bottle decorative on fishing spots or rest stops.
Have a bag hanging in your vehicle and deposit the mess when you see a garbage can. It is so easy, but for somebody to pick it up; unnecessary!
As always I like to thank my helpers on stretch 101: Cindy, Audrey, Rochelle, Dorothy, John and Yvan. A big thanks to all the people who constantly pick up and want to remain anonymous — keep up the good job. And last but not least, thank you for the pretty thank you card with no name or address, that I received in the mail along with a donation for fuel.


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