Reject Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s Promises to Liberalize the Federal Conservative Party


On behalf of the now 148,000 members of the Institute for Canadian Values and conservative thinking Canadians we ask delegates to reject Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown’s Promises to Liberalize the Federal Conservative Party

Canadians are sick and tired of politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite. After receiving support of conservative voters so many leaders betray their supporters and adopt liberal policies.  We are concerned that some may make happen to the Conservative Party.
In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Patrick Brown explained how he intends to “modernize” the Conservative Party at its May convention.  His view of a modern party is one that supports same sex marriage, transgender men in female spaces, radical sex education and global warming.  According to the Globe, Patrick is rallying the LGBTory Group “to work to get language opposing same-sex marriage out of federal party policy.”  He will also mobilize Canadians for Clean Prosperity to promote a Carbon Tax.
The Globe reports that the PC leader is carrying a message for conservatives, “the debate over climate change and same-sex marriage is over.”  This is not what he said when he was running for leader.
ICV President Dr. Charles McVety says “Patrick is a personal friend and a wonderful man. He had a perfect conservative voting record in Ottawa for ten years.  He often spoke and voted against same sex marriage.  He rebuffed the PMO’s pressure and voted to support an anti-abortion motion. In fact Patrick sold thousands of memberships on the promise to fight LGBT radical sex education.  Monte McNaughton signed up over 11,000 members driven by this issue and believed Mr. Brown when he said he would fight for parents’ rights.  Monte dropped out a pledged his support to help Patrick win the leadership. Within few weeks he changed, marched in the Pride Parade with LGBTory, abandoned his promise to fight the radical sex ed and jumped on board Carbon taxation.”
The folly of becoming a liberal light party is it leads to complete and utter failure at the ballot box.  Brian Mulroney ushered in open abortion, lowered the age of consent to 14 and massive taxation called GST.  His party plummeted from 211 seats down to 2. Ernie Eves, John Tory and Tim Hudak liberalized the Ontario PC party and lost 4 elections in a row.  Jim Prentice just tried liberal light on Alberta and for the first time in history, the conservatives lost.  Conservative liberal light does not work.”
If conservative grassroots voters don’t like the party platform they don’t vote. Who do these leaders think will vote for them, the liberals.  Not likely.”


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