Garbologist Report – Another Year, Another Mountain of Trash

End of Garbologist PIckup 2016
End of Garbologist PIckup 2016

May 16th was our last day on the highway — the bugs are out and some of us are exhausted. As for me? I am sad and disappointed about the fact that even with all my good intentions of setting examples, talking and writing about the ugly littering problem; there is no progress.

As a matter of fact, it seems to get worse. Picture a mountain of 105 bags of trash, add the wall of recyclables, in one year in our immediate area — only one word: shameful!

There is only a handful of caring people who understand how devastating our careless behaviour over the years to the environment is. The majority? Don’t give a damn! It is a great garbage dump out there!

And no, it is not just the tourists or truckers that leave their mess, case in point: students who pick up trash during cleanup day — are the ones who ‘lose’ their lunch wrappings and smoothie cups the next day. Or have they ever written an assignment why it is an offence to mess up our environment. I constantly pick up Timmy cups and cigarette packages on the Golf Course Road and the Lagoon – before golf season. I could go on and point fingers, but, I am too tired of ‘beating a dead horse’. Smarten up and put your trash in a garbage can, that’s what they are for.

Here is a summary of time and cost for our spring clean up blitz, 19 mornings (avg. of 3 hours = 57 hours) of volunteer work yielded,

  • 105 bags of trash,
  • 20 leaf bags of plastics for recycling (which now need to go to the Sault to be recycled),
  • 3 1/2 leaf bags of pop cans (valued at $30 by James Stewart)
  • 700+ beer cans  & 7 cases of beer bottles and liquor ($80.70)
  • 12 Milk bottles ($3)
  • Donations ($95)

BUT it cost $127.83 in gas, $71.38 in lunches; no accounting for wear and tear on my truck and clothes. All this despite a “Stash your Trash” program, “adopt a highway” and garbage cans in town.

What is wrong with us?




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