National Research Council celebrates 100th birthday and donates iconic Canadian flag to Canada Science and Technology Museum


The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is celebrating a century of innovation.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we look in to the past to recognize the National Research Council’s many achievements. We also look to the future, to the many more years of discoveries and innovation that will further Canada’s remarkable scientific reputation,” said the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science.

“The National Research Council began on June 6, 1916, as a modest committee of university and industry leaders intent on mobilizing science and technology in the national interest,” said Tom Jenkins, Chairperson of the NRC Council. “Today, the NRC is a world leader among research and technology organizations and that initial vision has paid off remarkably.”

For the occasion, the National Research Council is donating the historic first colour-standardized Canadian national flag to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Tasked 50 years ago with creating a flag that maintains colour consistency through wear and tear, NRC researchers selected the iconic red that became the standard for all Canadian flags.

“The National Research Council’s success has come from its capacity to adapt in a constantly changing environment. NRC has a proud history of accomplishments thanks to our past and present employees, and our many partners over the years. The flag is a symbol of those accomplishments,” said Maria Aubrey, Acting President of the National Research Council of Canada. “We look forward to a new century of ground-breaking innovations.”

“This flag is an integral piece of Canada’s history. We are honoured that the National Research Council is offering it to the museum. By acquiring the flag and displaying it to the public, we proudly continue to promote Canada’s long history of scientific and technological achievements.”

The historic flag will be exhibited at the Museum when it reopens in fall 2017, as Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation.


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