Moose Collision south of Wawa Sends One to Hospital


Just after 1 a.m. the Wawa Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD), Algoma EMS and Superior East OPP were called to a collision about 20 kilometres south of Wawa on Highway 17. A small car collided with a moose, and the driver was taken to hospital by ambulance. Firefighters assisted at the scene, doing traffic control and washing the highway after the car was towed. Unfortunately the moose did not die during the collision, and was dispatched by an officer.

There is little information available about the number of moose that have been hit in a vehicle collision in this area. The last press release about animal collisions on June 19th, 2105 OPP stated that had been 16 wildlife related traffic collisions.

MyWawa would like to remind readers to be careful about travelling. Be alert, because these moose don’t really care what time of day they wander out for a breath of fresh air alongside the highway. They also don’t care if they stand in the ditch, on the shoulder, or the yellow line. Worst of all, their colouring helps them to hide, and be difficult to see. Drive safe, drive alert.


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