Thieves steal blossoms

Caught red-handed!

Yesterday afternoon, I was working in the office, when my husband Marcus remarked that there was a large flock of birds in the flowering crabapple tree that overhangs the fence. I went out to look – and it was a large flock of Cedar Waxwings. They were plucking petals and eating them. For several hours they flitted from branch to branch, oblivious to me shooting many photographs, perched from a step ladder that Marcus set up for me.

It was funny to watch them pluck a petal, sometimes with great concentration, looking at one blossom then another to find just the right one. Then ripping it off, sometimes sending shreds of petals flying into the air and eating it.

The tree this morning is almost empty of petals, but at least the thieves have full tummys!



  1. Those same birds were eating the apple petals on my tree on Birch Street. They must of made their rounds. My tree has only a few petals left on, but the birds were wonderful to watch. Great pictures Brenda.


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