Very Disappointing…


MyWawa spoke with Alex Patterson, Assistant Director of Community Services & Tourism earlier today. He explained that there had been an incident this weekend. That incident, he said, ” really disappointed myself, staff, and many other hard working volunteers in the community. Flowerboxes planted by the Wawa Beautification Committee were tipped over all along one side of Broadway, from the Lakeview to the Hwy 101 turnoff.”

He went on to say, “Unfortunately this means that much of the hard work of volunteers, as well as a good stock of flowers that serve to brighten our community are destroyed. The boxes will be replanted if we can secure another stock of flowers, but late in the season this is difficult.”

This was an incredibly senseless act of vandalism. There was no purpose other than destruction. Sadly, this means that possibly these flowers may not be replaced, and Broadway will be missing a little bit of colour.


  1. A-Holes with a capital A. Why would someone do something so stupid and actually childish. So for the jerks that sat and likely had a belly full at The Lakeview, I hope you are proud of yourselves. Maybe someone will stop by your house an cause a little havoc.


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