Letter – Planters on Broadway Dumped


Dear Brenda,

Early Sunday morning June 19, 2016 I was driving down Broadway toward Highway 17 and could not believe my eyes. Every planter on the left side of Broadway had been dumped and the plants strewn around the sidewalk and road.

The Business Community, Town Employees and Volunteers have put financial and physical resources into making our main street as attractive and welcoming as possible.

For persons to have nothing better to do than to totally destroy these planters makes one wonder about their mentality!

I hope the OPP are able to catch the people involved and they receive their just reward!

Mary Anne Pearson


  1. My feelings as well Mary Anne. I will never understand the mentality of destruction. Several years ago I would find plants pulled out of the library planter every day on my way into work, but this is way beyond that. I hope they are caught. Someone has information and I hope they are compelled to do the right thing.

  2. WHY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS??? Gezuz, I hope whomever has done this, is caught before they damage others…very sad…I hope whoever knows about this comes forward!


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