Wawa’s Walk for Ho Thi


10599439_10152797154267430_3968004478525897055_nLillian Smedley is raising money. She has organized a walk for today, June 25th at Michipicoten High School as a fundraiser with “Because I am a Girl” to help Ho Thi to school; and to also help support her family and community and raise awareness for gender equality in Third World countries. Ho Thi lives in Vietnam.

Lillian’s fundraiser explains, “I am organizing a walk on June 25th as a fundraiser to this worthy cause. Students will be going door to door asking for donations. Donations will go towards her education, her family and her community.”. She continued, “I invite everyone to join us on June 25th to walk for Ho Thi. There is no specific fee, but a donation would be well appreciated!”

Plan is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries. Plan gives children, families and communities the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and begin a cycle of progress by creating sustainable solutions for improving their own lives.

Lillian explained that by investing in girls, we can support a generation of empowered women, mothers, workers and leaders who will improve the lives of everyone around them.

Donations can be received online at this link.


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