The grass is brown everywhere…

Whitefish Island
It might be because I have been so busy this week that I have been feel especially pessimistic.  I have noticed how many people have died, are experiencing difficult times or are struggling with health, financial, relationship or career issues.  
I had a conversation today, in which I caught myself rhyming off all of the bad things that were happening.  I felt that the world was a very painful place to be a part of and had the opinion that everywhere we look, there is something difficult to process.
The conversation actually turned into one of the best conversations I had this week, because of how it ended.  We concluded that even though we may think other people have it better than we do and that the grass is greener on the other side, the grass is brown everywhere!
Laughing, at this summation, I couldn’t help but want to share this with you.  It had a profound impact on me and I hope that it can perhaps alleviate some of the trials you may be going through.
If we actually think about it, there is probably at least one person who we envy, admire or wish we had something that they do.  A single person may admire a friend who is happily married, with children and imagine how content he or she would be with a companion or child at their side. 
A person who is shorter in height may desire to be taller, like someone they see walking by.  An individual may see someone driving a fancy car and wish that he or she had a vehicle like that.  Those stuck in jobs that they dislike may want to be a business owner and have the flexibility and freedom to control their time.
We tend to observe others and notice things about them or their lives.  We may then make conclusions that we want those things ourselves.  Once we do this, we may feel empty, incomplete or less than, because we have not achieved, accomplished or obtained those things.  This is all very natural.
The problem; however, is that we are often unhappy, unsettled or not at peace with our lives in our current state.  We assume that eventually having these desires will make us happy.
This, ‘I’ll be happy when’ syndrome, is actually draining our energy.  It is causing us to live in the potential future and not in the present.  When we are constantly in seeking mode, it can prevent us from ever being content and grateful for who we are and what we have now.
Does this mean that we should not have goals, plans or desires for something else?  Absolutely not.  It does; however, mean that we must realize that what we think will make us happy, will also contain the downs, the pain, the hurdles, the struggles, the obstacles and the negatives, as well.
Those who are single, may be the envy of married couples with children because single people have full control of their time, energy, money and home, without having to answer to or be responsible for anyone else. 
People who are shorter may be the envy of tall people because clothing may be easier to find and you don’t always have to stand in the back or side for photos.  The person driving the fancy car may wish they didn’t have to work so hard to make their monthly vehicle payment or worry so much that someone may dent their door while they are in a department store. 
The business owner may envy an employee who doesn’t have to juggle finances to meet the bi-weekly payroll, taxes, payroll deductions, building utilities, commercial mortgage or rent payment, while not being able to draw any money for themselves, during slow months.
You see, there are sacrifices, challenges, drawbacks and downtimes for every one of the things that we think will bring us happiness.  There are also tremendous opportunities for personal growth in the midst of every life struggle, which we may otherwise miss out on.
The key is be extremely grateful for where you are and what you have now.  It will be in the space of that gratitude that we can move toward the things we desire to accomplish in our lives or build the strength we need to endure our difficult times.
On that note, my pessimism has waned.  I realize that being so busy, exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed is because I am on the threshold of taking on a new business venture that I have wanted to embark on for years.  There are also many people dealing with much more serious issues. 
These moments of feeling like I can fall asleep standing up remind me of the sacrifices of wanting something better.  The grass is always seems greener until we get over there.  Then, we realize it is brown on the other side too, at least at times.  
It is then up to us to nurture, grow, care for, love, attend to, nourish and persevere through whatever is at our feet.  ‘Bloom wherever you are planted’, is a phrase that I have heard many times before.  It certainly applies here.  
Make the best out of what you are dealing with in your life right now.  There is always something or someone to be grateful for, every single day.  Are you paying more attention to the bad stuff or the good stuff in each situation?  Your energy level will be directly proportionate.     
‘A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.’ ~ Fred Allen 


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