The Hawk Junction 2016 Annual Horseshoe Pitch

Hawk Horseshoe Pitch

The Hawk Junction 2016 Annual Horseshoe Pitch was a great success. The weather was not the greatest, but through rain and shine the tournament when on.

There were twelve (12) men’s teams and eleven (11) ladies’ teams entered, plaques and cash prizes were given out to all winners.

Everyone had a great time, even when it rained, they just played on. The children enjoyed playing in the playground area, grandparents, parents and old friends socialized.

A great time was had by all.

The Hawk Junction Local Services Board would like to thank the volunteers and everyone who attended this event in making it a successful and fun day.

The winners for the lady’s teams were:

1st place Joanne Boissoneau and Diedre Dupuis

2nd place BailyLong and Jan Gagnon

3rd place Natasha Hare and Lindsay Boudreau

The winners for the men’s teams were:

1st place Wayne Ruff and Denise Ruff

2nd place John Bennett and T.J Tos

3rd place Norm Dufour and Dave Dupuis


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