NDP Question ‘Where is the Nipigon River Bridge Report?’

Approach to Nipigon River Bridge.

Statement by Ontario NDP Transportation Critic Wayne Gates (MPP, Niagara Galls) on the Nipigon Bridge report:

“The Nipigon Bridge failed seven months ago, in January. The Ministry has two reports on what went wrong. People deserve to know what is in those reports, and what’s being done to fix the problems so this doesn’t happen again, and won’t happen elsewhere. Ontarians shouldn’t have to wait until next fall to learn why the Nipigon Bridge failed. People deserve answers.

Dragging this out will only make it harder to complete repairs before next winter.

Whether you are a commercial trucker, a family going on vacation, or a driver who lives in the area, you deserve a government that makes your safety and the safety of our roads a top priority.”


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