From the Branch – Strawberry Tea


While watching the news I saw Our Prime minister visiting AUSCHWITZ and I hope that on reflecting he realized the part our Canadian veterans had in removing the Nazi regime from our world. And by him committing a NEW contingent of today’s Canadian soldiers to do peace keeping in Latvia we are once again supporting them to try to keep peace in Europe. So for all those families having sons and daughters in the CAF. Be proud and know we are behind you.

Yes, it was only 71 years ago but for me it looks like yesterday that we lived during war and every day could be your last. I am proud now to be the father and grandfather of retired and serving Canadian Soldiers.
At the Branch we had a Strawberry Tea last Thursday from our hard working Ladies Auxiliary which is always a success and they had some extra volunteers.
Our involvement in the Music Festival on Saturday had to be curtailed because of the passing of our Comrade Bill McGie and he was well liked by all in Wawa which was the reason the Church was overflowing with family and friends, And the celebration of his life at the Branch was also very busy.
We hope everyone is enjoying our summer weather and if you have visitors or family over drop into the Branch and stay a while.
This 75 year old lady was in court for shoplifting and she confessed stealing a can of Pineapple.
The judge asked her “Why did you steal Pineapple?” She replied “They looked so good on the can!”
“How many slices were in the can?’ asked the judge ” 8 slices “She replied.
” So I sentence you to 8 days” said the judge.
At that moment her husband jumped up and said….. “Your Honor she also stole a can of PEAS!”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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