Pokémon GO in Wawa


Although Pokémon GO is not yet available in the Canadian market, resourceful Pokémon fans have found ways to get it. In Wawa there are a number of wild Pokémon to be found. My character WawaMamaB has captured a few, and there are more to be found.

IMG_1452So what’s the rage? It was interesting watching groups of players walk in the Inner Harbour, Annapolis, MD on July 9th. They slowly walked around finding Pokémon and sharing tips with other players along the way. It seemed to be quite a social event.

Intrigued, I installed the app on my iPhone and captured a Bulbasaur. A wander down Broadway shows that there are several ‘Gyms”. I’m not a level 5 yet, so ‘Gyms’ are not available. PokéStops are visible as well, and there is where you can get items to help you in your quest such as PokéBalls. Successfully I was able to catch an Eevee and a Zubat during my short stroll. I even had an Eevee appear on the dash of my car as I got in and was turning everything off – this game uses your camera and GPS location consuming lots of battery power!

Since I am such a new player, much of this is confusing. I can see the allure though of playing with others. If I continue to play, I will advance in levels, catch more powerful Pokémon and items to catch them. Perhaps I might get more exercise walking – remember, it is advised to play this only while walking, because it really does consume a lot of your attention!


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