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Really connect…
JThis weekend, I had something very important to do. I planned for it, I prepared for it and I even implemented some extreme self-care this week to have the energy for it. It was something that I have been looking forward to for weeks and the time finally came.

All this preparation was for the arrival of my year and a half old grandson, for the night. It was a good thing that I was organized, ready and on my best game. This little guy has been my most important responsibility, he is on the move and I can’t let him out of my sight for a second.

My biggest issue was that, after putting him to bed, I realized that all of his diapers were dry. Considering he had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance earlier in the week, choking on his swollen throat from Croup, I was especially concerned.

I began to worry that I didn’t give him enough fluids, even though he drank a whole bottle of water, juice and an additional two cups before bed. I contemplated the consequences of dehydration, his little body suffering from the heat and how awful of a grandmother I was for not paying closer attention to his bodily functions. At least the liquid end of it because, trust me, I had no choice but to pay attention to the smell of the other kind.

I rushed around the house, cleaning up the mini tornado that was created from the second he arrived, as he slept. I wanted to get the house back together and ready for the morning (or the middle of the night if he was going to be up at all).

Then, I went into the bathroom, to clean up after his bath and put in a load of laundry. Low and behold, I stepped in a puddle on the floor. He must have went for a tinkle while I dried and brushed his hair as he was wrapped in a towel. I was never happier that someone took a pee on my floor!

After cleaning that up, I decided to empty his little plastic pool on the deck, just in case that was his second opportunity to relieve himself. Although I will never know, I am confident that I have given him enough fluids to keep an athlete hydrated.

Although he has already awoken once to cough, since he went to sleep, I anticipate a hard night ahead. Thinking on the positive side doesn’t always work in our favour, since we tend to get disappointed when things don’t work out as planned. Better, sometimes, to be realistic instead.

My luck, I won’t be able to sleep anyways. I am always checking on him and sleep very lightly whenever he is here. It is all worth it though. Despite the fact that we have had mini visits during the last month, since my life has been busier than usual, a visit is not the same unless it runs into a second day.

I love the cuddles, reading him tons of books, going for walks in the stroller, exploring the yard as he holds my hand, watching him splash and fill containers with water in the baby pool, video-taping him dancing and basking in the moments before he falls asleep in my arms.

We also had some great conversations today. I don’t really understand ninety percent of what he was actually saying, but especially on our stroll after dinner, he must have talked for at least five minutes straight. It was like he was telling me a great story, in another language that I didn’t understand.

I respond in a very animated way with phrases like, ‘really’, ‘no way’, ‘wow’, ‘for sure’, ‘you’re kidding me’, as he is talking. It was the highlight of my night. We bonded. We connected. On second thought, maybe he was telling me he tinkled on the floor and in the pool!

So the moral of this story is that sometimes we are so consumed by the things like our careers, our businesses, our finances, our ‘to do’ list or engaging in mindless downtime activities, when all it takes to renew our spirit and boost our energy is to hang out with some people who fill our heart or who are just plain fun to be around.

Here’s to you engaging in some quality, one-on-one time with your friends, loved ones, family members, pets, passions, hobbies or significant others doing anything that lifts your spirit or puts a smile on your face. My little guy puts a smile on my face and my heart.

What puts a smile on your heart?

‘Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.’ ~ Marcel Proust

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