This Rocky Life: If I Die Tomorrow


‘If I Die Tomorrow’ would absolutely be a title that I could have used; however, I didn’t come up with it. It was actually my Mom who penned it. She also penned her first article, upon my request for her to be a guest writer for this column.

Since I knew there were going to be times that I was out of town and wanted to ensure that I would be free to leave my computer at the office, I asked her some time ago to think about writing some articles in my absence. I have written a weekly article, every single week, for a year and a half straight and it will be nice to have the option of an occasional writing holiday.

Of course, my Mom was so critical on herself that the first one she wrote, she wouldn’t even let me read it. Her comment was that after she read it, it wasn’t good enough. Her other issue was that she likes to write with an actual pen and paper and didn’t have a document writing program on her computer.

You can imagine my response when I hear another individual put themselves down. I instantly responded with the fact that the article was probably great and she was just being hard on herself. I left it alone, as she obviously wasn’t quite ready to take on the task.
Well, this week, I must have put the energy out there for her to try again. Although this is a completely separate article from the first one she wrote, she gave me a call, hours before leaving for my long weekend trip and advised that she had an article for me.

She read it to me on the phone and it made me cry. Even though she had to send it in a Facebook message to me and it is much shorter than my usual rambling, here she goes. Thanks Mom! I love you and you are invited to write for me any time.

If I Die Tomorrow by Jill Hryniewicz

Now, don’t get excited, I don’t plan on dying tomorrow. Just saying IF I die tomorrow. I have lived a good life – for the most part and look forward to many more. After all, only the good die young. I have three beautiful, smart and hardworking daughters, who have given me five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

I have lived, loved and been loved. Raising children in this day and age is difficult but remember to tell your family how much you love them every day. That’s right ‘every day’. Growing up I was not told I was loved so when I had children, even if they were misbehaving, I would tell them that I loved them.

Now, I’m not professing to be a perfect mother, not even close, but, I know how important it is to say it. Raising children now is more difficult than it was in the 70’s and 80’s because of social media and cell phones and the ease of just clicking a button if you want to say you love something.

We had to actually talk to someone before. What a concept! We were a family that ate supper together and we would play baseball, ski and swim. All as a family. We even tried ‘game night’ but that didn’t work because we are all control freaks and their father didn’t want to let the kids win occasionally.

So, spend as much time as you can together and put that darn phone down. A while back there was an article about a young boy who wanted to grow up to be a cell phone. His parents spent more time on their phones than they did with him. Sad but true in this day and age.
I know, I know, I’m getting mushy and people that know me, know that’s not my style. I’m coming up on another birthday and I’m feeling sentimental. Live, love and laugh. Enjoy your family and friends and wish me a happy 66th.

Love you all.

Well, maybe not all of you.


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