Celebrating the Arts in Algoma/Manitoulin

Mike Mantha

The arts play a vital role in Ontario’s communities, enhancing our quality of life and delivering significant economic benefits. Ontario’s arts, culture and heritage sector represents $27.7 billion or 4.1 per cent of the province’s GDP and almost 302,000 jobs. (These figures measure all of the culture sector’s output – including both culture and non-culture products, e.g. a theatre company may generate GDP from both ticket sales – a culture activity – and food and beverage services – a non-culture activity.)

Today, MPP Michael Mantha acknowledges the work of the many talented artists and artistic organizations based in Algoma-Manitoulin who over the past year have received funding from the Ontario Arts Council, the province’s primary funding body for the arts. In 2015-16, over $545,000 was awarded to professional artists and arts organizations in Algoma-Manitoulin.


“I am extremely pleased that the Ontario Arts Council has provided such generous support to our many artists and art organizations. In the last year, 23 OAC grants were awarded to individual artists and 17 to arts organizations. As I travel all across this vast riding, I am privileged to see the results of so many of our homegrown artists and organizations. As I’ve always said, Algoma-Manitoulin’s greatest resource is its people.”

For more than 50 years, the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) has played a vital role in promoting and assisting the development of the arts for the enjoyment and benefit of Ontarians. In 2015-16, the Ontario Arts Council funded 1,676 individual artists and 1,125 organizations in 209 communities across Ontario for a total of $50.5 million.

Studies show Ontarians believe culture is integral to their quality of life. A 2010 study by Environics Research reveals that a resounding 95 per cent of Ontarians believe the arts enrich the quality of our lives. A further 89 per cent believe that if their community lost its arts activities, people living there would lose something of value.

The economic impact of Ontario’s arts and culture tourism is substantial. In 2010, arts and culture tourist spending contributed $3.7 billion to Ontario’s GDP, as well as approximately 67,700 jobs, $2.4 billion in wages, and $1.7 billion in taxes (including $3.1 million for Ontario municipalities), according to a report prepared by Research Resolutions & Consulting Ltd.

Some local recipients of Ontario Arts Council grants:



Thinking Rock Community Arts, Thessalon, $6,000

Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, M’Chigeeng First Nation, $6,000

Arts Education Projects

Poldmaa, Taimi, Sault Ste. Marie, $6,270



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