Premier Wynne visits Wawa


Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Wawa yesterday afternoon. Mayor Ron Rody said that he was pleased that Wawa was selected to be one of the stops on her Northern Tour. “It was certainly great that when you make future contact, you can refer back to a meeting like this. It was very positive.”

Premier Wynne remarked on how beautiful the drive was from Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa, “This drive was wonderful, It really reminds me how vast the province is, but how beautiful it is, and diverse it is.”. She continued saying “I just had a really great conversation with the Mayor and the CAO, and we were talking about issues like, housing and how the province can further support the housing needs; we talked about senior’s housing. Everywhere I go we talk about infrastructure, roads, bridges, water systems. What I heard today, is that at least two new grants have come through, new infrastructure programs that are actually making a big difference here in Wawa. One for water systems, also the need to continue these programs to make sure they are in place, that is why I am making these visits. It is really helpful for Minister Gravelle and myself to hear how the policies are supporting the economic growth of these communities.”.

Mayor Ron Rody presenting Premier Kathleen Wynne with a Michael Cleary Print of the Wawa Goose Monument.



After receiving her Cleary Goose Print, Premier Wynne joined others for a photo opp at the Wawa Goose. She met Deputy Mayor Yvan Besner, MFN Chief Joe Buckell and his wife, Luanne. She also had the opportunity to meet George Karasek and Christine Menard before she left.

Deputy Mayor Yvan Besner, CAO Chris Wray, Minister Michael Gravelle, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Mayor Ron Rody, MFN Chief Joe Buckell and the Wawa Goose in the background.



  1. So unfortunate that Howard Whent is not in the pictures. He often introduced me as a “Friend of Wawa”. Wawa never had a friend like Howard who gave his best, always. He would have liked to be there.

  2. Bad bloody software. Let’s try again.

    It’s too bad Howard Whent isn’t in that picture as he was the number one Wawa booster. He introduced me as a “Friend of Wawa” many times although Wawa never had a friend like Howard. Photo ops in front of the Goose are just disgusting knowing that the tea leaves don’t read that good. Any Wawa specific announcements? Doesn’t look like it, just photo ops. Money for the Goose? Or you’re on your own?

    Wynne has brought more Liberal voters into Toronto this week than Wawa has residents, this is just a summer holiday, with Thunder Bay Gravelle carrying the media bags.

    Have you been had? Any word on dam assessment. or just photo ops?


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