Friday at the Races


Friday afternoon and evening at the Northern Nationals was exciting. The weather was perfect and there was excitement galore. While adults enjoyed the sights of bikes, sleds, junior racers, rail cars, and hot rods – children enjoyed the bouncy toys.

The evening went along as expected with cars spinning their tires, smoke and the roar of engines until the crowd was hushed. Chris Burry, driving a rail car sponsored by Mission Motors barrel rolled about 12 times, according to race officials. Firefighters and race EMS made their way to the wreckage. A long sigh of relief could be heard as it was announced that Chris was ok, but he would be taken to the Lady Dunn Health Centre to be assessed. Once the remains of the car was removed, racing began until Lady Luck struck again. The other Mission Motor’s car had a transmission fail 3/4 of the way down the track – both cars were out of the running for the day.

Once the racing was done for the day at dusk – spectators were treated to 77 year old Richard Hutchins and his Chevy Rebellion made several exciting passes on the track. Hailing from Valdosta, Georgia, the Chevy Rebellion is a 1973 Volkswagen pickup with a 427 supercharged Chevrolet engine. This truck is designed so that it can wheelie and special bars keep it from rolling over backwards. He has been known to do a wheelstand the full 1000 feet! He just celebrated his 50th year with this vehicle.

After the Chevy Rebellion, came the bursts of a jet engine. Chicago Rush, a jet car was getting ready to roar down the track. With several bursts it was ready at the start line. With an incredible roar it flew past spectator to the end of the track, to be welcomed with fireworks!




Chicago Rush



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