Adrian & Dan win Salmon Derby with 20.8lb Salmon!


Adrian Fell and Dan Bowes (Team 16) were the winners of the 2016 Wawa Annual Salmon Derby with a 20.8lb Salmon. The team took home the $6,000 prize, sponsored by the Wawa Salmon Derby and Wawa Canadian Tire.


The fishing began last Saturday with the Pre-Derby. Kris Walczak won $100 for a 16.95lb salmon. Sunday Travis Gendron also won $100 with his 15.55lb salmon. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s prizes of $50 were won by Russell Eagle, Heinz Fellinger and Kevin Fellinger, respectively with 17.45, 20.3 and $14.45lb salmon.


With this exciting show of large salmon, everything was ready for the Derby. As 5 p.m. drew near, Derby Officials joined the anglers out in the bay. At 5 p.m. the flare gun was fired and fishing began. Despite the rain, the fish were biting. Twenty-five salmon and three salmon were weighed in. The largest salmon of Friday was taken by Team 28, David Rilley with a 19.5lb fish. He took home the $500 prize sponsored by Provost Contracting.


Saturday was soggy, more than soggy, dripping, sodden wet. Over 62 millimetres of rain fell during the day. Once again, the fish were biting for the determined angler. Sixty Salmon and six Lake Trout were caught. The largest Salmon was the 20.8lb caught by Adrian Fell and Dan Bowes winning the $500 Largest Salmon of the Day sponsored by Algoma Power. Saturday evening, the Derby provided a screening of the Tragically Hip Concert and Smokey and the Bears rounded out the evening.


Some anglers were worried about the fishing on Sunday, winds were gusting strongly out of the northeast with more rain. If this would have been wintertime – it would have been whiteout conditions. Sunday morning though, it was still raining, but with the wind calming down, the anglers were back out on the lake, looking for the big one. At one, fishing stopped and it wasn’t much longer than that when it was reported that all the boats were in. Boats began to be loaded onto trailers and the hall began to fill. The awards ceremony was M/C’d by Chuck Farand. An angler in the derby himself, he spoke about the weather, and gave thanks that the couple who had experienced problems Saturday morning would be ok. A big thank you went out to the Derby Committee, all the sponsors, volunteers, and anglers who made this year’s event such a success – despite the rain.

imageThe Early Bird Registration Prize was won by Dave & Rose Aspegren (Team 4). They also won $500 for Sunday’s Largest Salmon of the Day with their 19.05lb fish, sponsored by TransCanada Chrysler.



The Harry Aho Memorial Award (for total weight of salmon) was David Rilley (Team 28) with 80.65lbs of Salmon.



The Bill Young Memorial Award (for youth 14 years of age or under) was won by Mya Rilley with her 12.5lb Salmon.

The Mystery Weight – a team entering a salmon closest to the mystery weight but not going over. This year’s weight was 4.13lbs. The first winner was Team 77 (Kraig Coulter & Tysen Sweezey). However, the Derby rules state that the team must be present, or their designate to claim a prize. That meant that the $200 purse donated by Wesdome Gold Mines went to the runner up Andre Roy and Kory Charbonneau (Team 59).

The Empty Creel Award was won by Gilbert Lifstrom of Wawa. After three other teams were drawn, and not being present Gilbert was the successful winner.

The Participant’s Prize Draw was also won after the second draw… Being present for the awards is critical. Alex and Rosemarie Colasacco were the excited winners of $500!


Top Ten Salmon

1 – Adrian Fell and Dan Bowes
2 – David Rilley
3 – Trevor Halverson
4 – Dave Aspegren
5 – Andre Roy
6 – David Rilley
7 – Jean-Guy Oullette
8 – David Rilley
9 – Cindy Lamon
10 – Dan Mozzotti

Top 5 Lake Trout

1 – Trevor Halverson 7lb
2 – Travis & Rocky Gendron
3 – Adrian Fell & Dan Bowes
4 – Peter Magi & DJ Webb
5 – Corey & Jason Purcell



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