From the Branch – August 24


So the heat wave is past and now I try to use the little bit of brain left which did not melt.

Yes, it is now just another week and September is here. and we can get back to business. So while scanning the news from Holland I was happily surprised at the memorials they had this week. First of all, a wreath laying was done at the monument of those who as POW’s were used as slave labor to build the road through Burma. I remember Canada had a lot of POW.s from the Winnipeg regiment in Hong Kong who so gallantly tried to defend that island. And the plight of those who were used as slave labor or spent time in camps in Indonesia.
And in a few weeks, they will be remembering the Battle of Arnhem and the passing of another veteran of this event was mentioned in the news. As usual, about 20.000 or more will walk in the Airborne Walk with their families and children so no one will forget. It is sometimes hard to remember and might bring back bad moments in your live 70 years ago but WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THEM.
I know a lot of our younger people do not read or watch the news because they are too busy on social media but it is up to parents and grandparents to teach them about our still not too far past history and what forefathers did to make Canada what it is today. And there are maybe some real heroes in your family.
And soon our Legion Darters will be starting their weekly games and there will be more cribbage players back from camp.
at 10.00 am this busy housewife called her husband and asked him to go to the store for her.
she said “Darling would you go and get a bag of chips and if they have carrots buy about 6.”
So a while later he returns with…6 bags of chips so she asked him ” Why did you buy 6 bags?”
So he responded…………”THEY HAD CARROTS!”
To all our Comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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